Sunday, October 2, 2011

October – A Month for Responsibility

by Alice, Golden Empire Council

October is a month filled with opportunities to be Responsible. Every Cub Scout can learn, step by step, to make good choices, finish the job, keep his promises and earn a reputation for Responsibility. Here are some ways to accomplish that:

October is Adopt a Shelter Animal Month
Even if every boy can’t go out and adopt a new pet, he can take responsibility for a pet he already has. Remember that your pet depends on you to give them fresh water, food, a safe place to live, and exercise. That’s how you show you love them!

Want to help a shelter animal? Check with a local shelter – they often need food, clean towels and blankets, and sometimes even people to come in and walk the animals.

October is also Disability Awareness Month
Try some of the Disability Challenges in the GAMES section of Baloo's Bugle. Invite someone to come and share how they cope with their disability.

Fire Prevention Week is the First Week of October
Visit a fire house, or invite a fireman to visit your den. In the past, my boys got to try on the boots and gear, turn on the siren, and even try using the hose! Check with your local fire department – they often have brochures, comic books, activity books, and sometimes other freebies – like pencils or even plastic fireman’s helmets! Have the boys distribute door hangers to remind people to check the batteries on the smoke detectors – they are real lifesavers!

And be sure to teach every boy to be responsible for his own safety – review Stop, Drop & Roll and how to get out of a burning building safely.

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