Thursday, September 30, 2010

Closing Thoughts

Forest Witcraft is credited with writing a little poem called A Hundred Years from Now

It goes like this:

A hundred Years from now,
It will not matter what my bank account was,
The sort of house I lived in,
Or the kind of car I drove.
But, the world may be different,
Because I was important in the life of a boy.
This is the driving force behind Scouting.

Since 1910 when scouting was started in the US, millions of boys from all walks of life have been introduced to scouting, by parents just like you. You’ve taken the first step in ensuring that your son will grow up the way you want him to by signing him up in Scouting, so I thank you, and even though he doesn’t know it yet, he thanks you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cubmaster Minute

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Olympic Circles – the symbol of the Olympic Games. Have you ever noticed how the circles intertwine?

There was purpose it that design. Although athletes come from many countries, some that disagree with each other politically – or may even be at war with one another – during the Olympic Games, the village housing the athletes is a place where people of different religious beliefs, different social status and different cultural traditions can eat and talk together. There are no walls to separate them from athletes from other countries. We need to provide that same kind of atmosphere for our scouts – so they can work together, play together and learn together – so they can work together as a team.

In other words, Cooperate!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome Tigers

Tiger Leaders and Adult partners. I'm going to use this forum to help you all keep on track and know whats coming up, as well as provide some suggestions.

Tiger Cubs
Tigers earn their Bobcat first and use the Cub Scout motto.
Tigers wear the blue uniform.

Requirements for the Tiger Cub Totem
Learn the Cub Scout motto:
Learn the Cub Scout sign
Learn the Cub Scout salute

A Tiger Cub must finish Bobcat before beginning to earn his Tiger Cub rank. But hey, once he has learned the Cub Scout Motto, Sign and Salute, the Immediate Recognition Emblem is already earned, it's a done deal except for presentation.

So even if the Law of the Pack or the Promise take a bit longer, the Immediate Recognition Emblem requirements are in fact already done. Applying a bucket of common sense, and as we favor instant recognition in Cubs, I would say go ahead and do the Immediate Recognition Emblem at the latest the next pack meeting, even if Bobcat is not yet completed.

After earning his Bobcat Badge, the Tiger Cub must then complete one Den Activity, one Family Activity, and one Go See It Activity within each of the five achievement areas to earn the Tiger Cub rank. He works with his adult partner to do this. As he completes each of the 15 requirements, he receives the appropriate orange, white, or black bead at the next den meeting to add to his totem.

What is Tiger Cubs?

T - Time spent building a stronger relationship with a boy and his family

I - Introducing a boy and his family to Scouting.

G - Getting to know others and one's self better.

E - Entering into a group; being part of something special.

R - Reaching out to one another and getting hands on experiences.

S - Sharing and discovering new things and ideas.

This is what Tiger Cubs is all about!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Monthly Theme - Cooperation

The core value highlighted this month is:
Working together with others toward a common goal. Cub Scouts and their families cooperate to make the first Pack Meeting a memorable occasion for all, including the new families and boys.