Friday, October 2, 2009

Cubmaster Minute

Some years ago a hard-nosed coach said, "Winning isn't everything, but it sure beats whatever's second. " There's some truth in that. Everyone likes to win. Very few people enjoy losing. The trouble is that in every type of competition, there must be losers as well as winners. It's also true in life. You and every other human being find that sometimes you have to be a loser. Perhaps your sports team loses a game on an unlucky break. Or maybe you work hard in school but get low grades. Some people might say you're a loser. Maybe so. But you don't have to stay a loser. The real difference between winners and losers is that a loss makes some people more determined to do better next time. In the long run they are the winners because they learn to profit by their defeats and mistakes. No, winning isn't everything. We can learn from losses, too.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monthly Theme: Jungle Safari

Help boys discover fun and adventure in the wilds of Scouting. Take them on a month-long safari. Learn why Africa was special to our founder, Lord Baden-powell. Find out how The Jungle Book connects to scouting; use the story and its characters to inspire den meetin games, crafts and costumes for the pack meeting. Learn about the things you need if you're going on a safari and how you would survive. What do Scouts in Africa and india do? What are their uniforms like? Take a trip to a local zoo, animal rescue facility or wildlife refuge. Work on the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award or Wildlife Consevation belt loop and pin.

Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting developed through this month’s theme are:
Preparation for Boy Scouting. Outdoor activities for Cub Scouts help prepare them for the outdoor activities of Boy Scouting.
Spiritual Growth. Cub Scouts are encouraged to explore their spiritual beliefs as they continue advancing up the Cub Scout trail.

The core value highlighted this month is:
Resourcefulness. Boys learn to be resourceful as they learn how they would survive in the wild.
Cooperation. Great tasks require cooperation. Boys will learn to cooperate as they get to know living things.