Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Navy Yard Trip

As one of our Summertime activities we took a trip to the Washington Navy Yard to visit the Navy Museum on July 18.

This was our first view as we entered the museum.

To the left was a fullsize display of Old Ironsides.

The museum was filled with hand built models of every type of ship that served in the US Navy.

As well as guns from the war ships.

The boys especially loved climbing on and manning the guns.

Out side on the dock was the Display Ship Barry which you could also walk through.

Finally we took a break and posed for this picture before walking back to the metro station and returning home.

Our next trip? Mount Vernon home of our country's first President, George Washington.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day Camp Thoughts

I wasn't able to attend day camp this year, but from what I hear a lot of fun was had by all.

Shaun KewalRamani (Wolf) had this to say:

My favorite thing about cub scout camp was the loud mouth award. We didn’t win, but I have a feeling that we were the loudest little group. We sang “Cub scouts wear no socks”, “I don’t know, but I’ve been told that the scouts of unit A are really bold”, and “Bug Juice.” We called ourselves American Thunder. I am a new wolf scout, and next year I will be back and louder.

Way to go Shaun!

And of course...a pic!