Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cubmaster Minute

Don’t Give Up
To be good at anything, you have to believe that you can do it, and then practice it until you can. There’s no easy way to become an expert. You just have to keep at it, over and over. There will be times you’ll think that you just can’t make it. But don’t give up a task because it seems hard. There are few things worth doing that are easy to do at first.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Social Media Powers Laptops and More for Wounded Troops

Soldiers’ Angels Project Valour-IT
Conducts Online Fundraising Competition

Pasadena, CA (June 28, 2011) – As the number of American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines suffering battlefield wounds continues to grow, today’s economic challenges continue to squeeze military support nonprofits. Soldiers’ Angels Project Valour-IT—which has supplied over 6,000 severely wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines with adaptive laptops and other devices to aid their recovery and reintegration—is addressing that squeeze with a fundraising technique it pioneered: online competition.

Held July 1-14, the Valour-IT fundraising competition will draw on blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to raise money and awareness for the needs of wounded troops. Divided among four “virtual teams” named in honor of U.S. military service branches, participants will also use flyers, word-of-mouth and traditional media outlets to spread the word. The goal is to raise at least $100,000, which will meet increased demand for Valour-IT services through October 2011.

“Project Valour-IT changes lives,” says Soldiers’ Angels founder Patti Patton-Bader. “Wounded heroes report that being able to use a laptop helps them feel whole again. Physical therapists are actually designing therapy sessions around Wii Sports! And something as normal as a handheld GPS reduces stress and helps a hero cope. It’s just amazing what this project does!”

Each of the devices Valour-IT supplies helps restore confidence and independence for a wounded hero. Voice-activated laptops reconnect the wounded with the world and develop self-confidence by showing soldiers they can continue to be engaged and productive despite their injuries. Servicemembers also use the laptops to research their medical care or prepare for a post-military career. Physical therapists report Wii Sports is extremely motivational and beneficial when used in physical therapy settings, and wounded personnel with short-term memory loss due to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and severe PTSD use GPS systems to keep from getting lost or disoriented when they move on to more independent living.

For more information about the fundraising competition, email or visit to donate. All funds raised go directly to wounded troops with no overhead costs removed, and requests for support are vetted through case managers.

About Soldiers’ Angels - Established in 2003, Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-based, award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing aid and comfort to members of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, as well as veterans and military families. For more information, see
Tax ID# 20-0583415 CFC #25131

Media Contact:
Toby Nunn at, 510-305-0004

Monday, June 13, 2011

Catoctin Mountain District Cub Scout Day Camp NEEDS HELP!

From Colby Child and Mike Deegan - Day Camp Coordinators.

We remain NEARLY poised to provide the best program possible for our scouts during the week of June 20-24.

However, we remain in search of three (3) adult Stewards to stand ready at the MOAT and instruct fishing to our young squires. We haven’t any Stewards in this area and are hopeful to not need to reorganize.

We remain in search of about ten (10) youth Stewards, 14+ yrs old, to stand ready in various areas including the Guildhall (crafts), the Moat (fishing), Sapine Forest (nature), Artists and Minstrels (art and stage) and Roundtable (Medieval Games).

Please, do not delay in sending word to Camelot about your interest and availability to serve King Arthur in his effort to train our young squires. Go to the following computer link to gather the needed Adult or Youth Staff application and submit it to Colby Child ( or 301-271-4111 or to Mike Deegan ( or 240-344-4323.

Day Camp Needs Canopy shelters for our stations. We are hopeful to receive use for sources around the District of 10x20 ft canopy/carport type shelters. We have consolidated the program area somewhat and would like to be able to provide those groups that are in the open meadows of the Realm with some shelter from the hot sun. If units or persons possess shelters of this type AND would be willing to loan them to Day Camp, please contact Colby Child (see above contacts) without delay. We hope to set up camp on June 18th, next Saturday, and would like to have time to pick up the shelters before that event.

Thank you for your attention to the notice. We appreciate everything being done throughout the Realm to facilitate our Cub Scout’s day camp experience this year. We are striving for a program of the highest caliber; we want it to be Ex-Caliber!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monthly Theme

The core value highlighted this month is:

Perseverance: Sticking with something and not giving up, even if it is difficult. Through participating in activities such as a bicycle rodeo, Cub Scouts learn the importance of practice and perseverance to improve new skills.