Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cubmaster Minute

We can learn something about resourcefulness and character from George Washington – when he found himself with not enough gun powder to make any resistance to the British, he chose to “act the part of a winner.” He kept the enemy from knowing what the dire situation the Continental Army was in – and had his troops “act” as if they had real strength by constantly appearing to be preparing to make an attack.

At another time, when his army was trapped between a far superior British force and the river, he quietly arranged to have every available boat of any kind brought to Brooklyn, and under cover of night and a dense fog, moved men, arms, ammunition, supplies, horses and carts to the other side of the river without the loss of a single man.

Even when you do have resources, the first step in reaching your goal is to BELIEVE you can do it – and picture yourself succeeding!

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