Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Closing Thought

There once was a Persian named Ali Hafed, who owned a very large farm that included orchards, grain fields, and gardens. One day he heard about diamonds. From then on, dreams of diamonds consumed him. All he could think about was finding diamonds, and becoming even richer. So Ali sold his farm, and went off search for diamonds. He spent many years wandering though Palestine and Europe, but never found any diamonds. Ali died far from home, poor and friendless.

One day the man who bought Ali’s farm was watering his camel in a shallow stream that ran through the farm. The man noticed a curious flash of light. He reached into the stream, and pulled out a shining stone that reflected the colors of the rainbow. He had found a diamond! As he sifted the sands of the brook through his fingers, he found more stones, more beautiful and valuable than the first.

And thus the diamond-mine of Golconda was discovered, one of the richest diamond mines in all history. It produced some of the largest stones ever found, crown jewels for the monarchs of Europe.

There are undiscovered diamonds in our own back yards, hidden in our dens and packs. These diamonds are disguised as boys. It will take a discerning leader to see these diamonds in the rough, and take patience and skill to polish these diamonds.Thank you for caring about your boys, and becoming cub scout leaders.

Thank your for helping these “diamonds in the rough” to reach their potential.

See you next month.

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