Saturday, July 31, 2010

Closing Thoughts

Something to think about before we start a new year of meetings and advancement, are you a Boss or a Leader?

The boss drives his men;
The leader coaches them.

The boss inspires fear;
The leader inspires enthusiasm

The boss depends on authority:
The leader on goodwill.

The boss says “I”:
The leader says “We”.

The boss assigns tasks;
The leader sets the pace.

The boss says “Get here on time!”
The leader gets there ahead of time.

The boss fixes blame for the breakdown;
The leader fixes the breakdown.

The boss knows how it’s done;
The leader makes it a game.

The boss says "Go!"
The leader says "Let’s go!"

The world needs leaders, but nobody wants a boss. This year let's be leaders of our scouts and not bosses to our son's, and more importantly, let's be great example to our new leaders in our pack as well as our future leaders!

I hope you had a great month in scouting and I'll see you next month!

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