Monday, February 8, 2010

Cubmaster Minute

A badge in Cub Scouting is a piece of embroidered cloth. If you were to try to sell one of these badges, you'd find that it wouldn't bring much money. The real value of the badge is what it represents … the things you've learned to earn it … how to keep healthy, how to be a good citizen, good safety practices, conservation, and many new skills. Does your badge truly represent all these things? Were you prepared to meet each test at the time you passed it, or did you try to get by? Maybe you were prepared when you passed the test, but through laziness and neglect, you have forgotten the skill now. If this is true, then the badge you wear has little value.

Don't wear a cheap badge. Wear one that has real value… one that represents what you can really do and know.

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