Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monthly Theme: Works of Art

December is a time of celebration and giving. Involve friends in doing good deeds and creating holiday magic through art. Cub Scouts can create holiday decorations, gifts, and cards. Put their artwork on display in nursing homes, churches, schools or homes, the pack meeting room or the chartered organization. As a Good Turn for America, make cards and ornaments to share with a local retirement community, children's hospital or community center. Boys can discover different forms of art, write poems, attend a musical or performance-art show, or visit a museum. Works of Art can become gifts for family members. In conjunction with these projects we will also earn the Art belt loop.

Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting developed through this month’s theme are:
Respectful Relationships. As Cub Scouts discover their own talents, they will gain more respect for the different talents of those around them.
Spiritual Growth. Cub Scouts will develop an appreciation for Gods works of art and learn that their talents are to be treasured.
Friendly Service. Cub Scouts will make the lives of others more cheerful when they create art pieces to share and give.
Family Understanding. Cub Scouts and families will enjoy working together to create works of art and share them with others.

The core value highlighted this month are:
Faith. Through creating artwork related to the holidays, Cub Scouts will gain more understanding of their own religious traditions.
Positive Attitude. Boys will have good attitudes as they express their talents in positive ways, earn recognition, and see the effect they have on others.

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